Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just had to share....

My school conference was last night and everyone came home bursting with joy. Not only am I doing well in first grade, but the teacher tattled and told them about my boyfriend Garrett. Yes, I have a boyfriend. Garrett and I were in kindergarten together and we're lucky enough to both be in Mrs. Dalton's first grade classroom together this year. He sits right beside me and recently when our teacher was changing class seating Garrett went up to her and told her; "You can't move me Mrs. Dalton, Emma needs me." Isn't that the greatest thing?

Mom and Dad also found out that every morning when I enter the classroom the kids all applaud my arrival. I kid you not....this is so cool that they get this excited when I come in. My para pro says it is a sight to see and I so wish my family could see how loved I am at school. Not to mention my teachers told them how well I am doing and how my attention span has steadily increased this school year. I am signing more this year as well as making sound choices in and out of the school setting. So wish I had an iPad though. Maybe next year...I heard lots of my angel friends have them and are really starting to communicate with everyone. And since I love computer time I just know this would be the best choice for me. Maybe Santa will bring me one?

Well gotta go for now. Angel hugs and kisses to all.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trying to update since its been awhile....

First off, I hope this finds all my angel friends and school friends healthy and having a great start to the school year.

I am now a first grader at Lodi Primary School. I have kept some old friends and made tons of new friends this year. How great it is to be a part of the inclusion process and to have such a support system in place.

My SLP Andrea is really coming up with some wonderful ideas for helping me communicate with everyone. She is working with actual photo's since I really find no interest in the PEC's version. I am able to make my own choices these days and I love this. There is nothing worse than having others decide for me what I want and don't want. (If you know what I mean?)

Did I mention I have a new little brother? His name is Jayden and he was born Aug. 17, 2010. What a cutie he is..... Momma Nikki and Daddy say I am the most gentle of all his sisters and the most attentive to him. And..they are totally right~I love my little brother so much.

I just had my annual ortho appointment and was given a great review. No issues with scoliosis but my trunk muscles do need some strengthening per Dr. Fliessner so we will share this with my therapist and see if we can focus a bit more on this. I have been blessed with not having any health issues thus far beyond a cold when the weather began changing. And my seizures are still being well managed thanks to Keppra. Sure hoping my fellow angels are having the same luck with their seizures and health.

Well time to get ready for school...don't want to miss my bus. I hope to update my blog more often now and if I cannot get at it Nana will help me. Take care...think healthy and above all remember to find your voices angels. Whatever form it takes we all need to be able to share our thoughts and desires. Hugs to all....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just a short intro I prepared last year for Miss Emma's kindergarten classroom. When your battling for acceptance you try whatever you can to get the message across that she too is just a little girl. Don't label her because she is different but rather see what we see....a little girl trapped in silence trying to be just another little girl. Nana loves your Em.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Keeping you updated...

Well it looks like my SLP is ready to work with me on making my own choices! I am so excited I could just burst. Nana sent in 4 of my favorite snacks for her to use. Here they are....woo hoo! I am going to get to pick rather than be given what others think I want. At nana's house she picks out several of these items and which ever one I see most excited about is the one she gives me. I like making my own decisions, don't you?

Wish Mrs. Gellick (my SLP) luck with this new endeavor. She rocks~lol

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just started Kindergarten...

Hi everyone! Been quite some time since I have been able to sit down with Nana Donna and bring everyone up to date on what I have been doing.

I had a great summer. Waterparks, Cedar Pointe, jumping on my trampoline, swinging and visiting Camp Paradise where nana worked as camp nurse this summer. I had a blast but am now ready to get back to school.

I just started kindergarten on Aug. 31st at Lodi Elementary School. I am at the same school as my big sister Tori. Isn't that cool? I go to school all day now so that I can get my resource time, PT, OT & Speech time as well as kindergarten in the afternoons. I have a new Para-pro. Her name is Amy Cooper and she is really neat. We took to each other instantly. She is going to work with me on learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors. They are also looking at getting me a new ACC device. So lots to come this year for me....

I thought you should know that daddy and momma Niki are planning on getting married Oct. 16th. Yep! Finally taking the plunge so they say. She is a great mommy to Tori and I and clearly loves our daddy dearly. We are blessed to have her as our mommy. Did I mention that we now have a step sister too? Her name is Savannah and she will be 3 yrs old. That will put my daddy living with 4 females under the same roof! Is he brave or what? Hee hee!

I am including pictures of myself and Tori on my first day back to school. Just so you can see how much I have grown.
Hope this finds you having a great day! Lots of angels kisses to all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching up time...

Well as many know I had a bout with not being able to go poo poo but all is fine now and I am back to going regularly. This was the first time in a long time that this has happened to me but boy was I having trouble! I had to go over to Akron Children's Hospital for a wee bit of assistance this time. They were all too kind to me. :-) Daddy of course never left my side for a minute. He IS such a good daddy!!!!

School is going well. Lots of new friends and things to learn there. I am drinking more from a regular cup these days. They modified it like a "posey cup" and it works really well for me. My new aides name is Heather and she and I are getting along quite well. I did not have any problem adjusting to my new school, classroom and teacher/therapists. We all seem to click. should see me take the steps at school. I am GOOD.....really good at going up and down them all by myself. Some at the old school did not think I could handle this but they were wrong. I mastered them on the first try on my first day there!! Daddy, Sharon and Grandma knew I would. LOL

I have been the healthiest ever this past winter. Quite unusual for me but fewer colds and such which thrills the family. I guess daddy is taking awfully good care of me as my health seems to get better all the time. Not that I was ever really unhealthy....but the colds seem to be less and less this winter. Even with my going to school and being around all the germs. We are working on toileting at school too. Heather and I practice this. I just know I am going to figure this out soon. I stay dry most nights so what the heck? This shouldn't be too tough of a milestone to reach, right?

Well gonna go for now. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone. Angel hugs and kisses. xo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

School rocks!

Well as you know I am now going to public school just like my big sister Tori. And it rocks! Daddy is so proud of me as today Mrs. Maloney sent home a note telling him that during story time while she was reading to our class about a penguin family, when she mentioned the daddy penguin I began saying "Da-Da" too! Hey, what can I say. When you mention my main man daddy, I simply cannot keep to myself. I soooooo love my daddy!

It appears my teacher and aide are quite taken by my ability to comprehend what they are saying and asking of me. I get it, I just do not quite know how to tell them so. But that is why I am they can help me find my voice. Whether it be sign language, PECs or a communication device I so need to be able to express myself to others. Its hard having thoughts inside that I cannot get across to daddy, momma Niki, my sisters and of course grandma and papa. Not to mention everyone else.

My classmates seem to be receptive to my joining them. It feels good to be welcomed and to have others around me talking so much. I hope to pick up a few words along the way now. I know that is somewhat of a big dream, but as well all know nothing is out of reach if we work towards it and believe hard enough. And Lord knows I have plenty of believers around me. :-)

Well its is past my bedtime and I do have school tomorrow so I am going to say "goodnight." Angel hugs and sloppy kisses to all. xoxo